dw024 - Cordell Klier - Emissary

A subtle concentration of dymatised forces audibly plunging their way thru heart and sky. The sound is sleak & dense, with a gosomer thinkness, and transcendantal behavior.

Drone + message.

The bonus videotrack is a counter-balancing piece working seperate from it's whole representing a freeset of floating visuals utlising Cordell Klier's provocative abstract artwork.

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dw024 - Cordell Klier - Emissary (33.7 MB)

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Track 01 - ________t___e (7.43 MB)
Track 02 - ______t_r_____a* (8.97 MB)
Track 03 - g___r_____a____m* (6.92 MB)
Track 04 - ____________m__e (5.85 MB)
Track 05 - _______t___o____n (10.1 MB)

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dw024 - Cordell Klier - Emissary (1.96 MB)

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Cordell Klier - Emissary (31.3 MB wmv)

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