dw022 - Mystified - These Fragments

"'These fragments I shore against my ruin' is one of the concluding lines of T.S. Eliots' 'The Wasteland'. This release is a dark ambient tribute to this epic poem and to Eliot in general."

Tracks by Thomas Park

Special thanks for art to Sandy S.
Thanks also to Seetyca for his great remix!

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dw022 - Mystified - These Fragments (73.3 MB)

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Track 01 - These Fragments* (28.7 MB)
Track 02 - Deep Chatter (5.01 MB)
Track 03 - Backwards Remastered (5.26 MB)
Track 04 - Efreeti* (4.99 MB)
Track 05 - Byzantine Time Remastered (5.36 MB)
Track 06 - The Wind Was Heavy Seetyca Anemra Remix* (12.7 MB)
Track 07 - Feathered River (6.08 MB)
Track 08 - Vacuum Grains* (9.05 MB)

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dw022 - Mystified - These Fragments (2.0MB)

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