dw008 - Datura 1.0 - No! Evil Dog God, Live On!

One of the standard sonic tools of the Shaman is the rattle, In nature this tool is reflected by the sounds produced by falling rain and waterfalls, or wind through the leaves of trees. All these and more have been used as jumping off points for inner journeys.

With this release Datura 1.0 has taken his inspiration from the modern electronic equivalent of this range of sound, (white noise, static, tape hiss). By manipulating these initial sources of sound in real-time in a myriad of digital and analog fashions Datura 1.0 has striven to coax the mysterious power out of this range of sound into the open for use by the listener.

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dw008 - Datura 1.0 - No! Evil Dog God, Live On! (70.9 MB)

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Track 01 - Dog God (16.7 MB)
Track 02 - No Evil* (10.9 MB)
Track 03 - On (25.5 MB)
Track 04 - Vile (25.5 MB)

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