dw027 - Datura 1.0 - Guitara

Oepening: In the winter be aware of trying to help others who do not deserve or want help, the bastards will turn like rabid dogs, turn your love to poison, cowards with no honor and no skill in battle the physicality was the catharsis the weapon against the mind forces aligned there.

Psychologie: The mind turned against the body, make no mistakes to suffer for altruism, the rug is in danger of being pulled out. there is no support system. The begining turns to dark forces for protection stresses mount to ludicrous levels invisibility might be an option align the sigils with electronic means/ meaningfulness.

Alchymie: The use of the machine and/defects seems to make things worse/better. Spasms, chest pain, Digestion a deep pit of horror opens every day to swallow (focus on hatred physical violence against/and boodletting that could be if they came out from their sniper cover) as the jackals close in revealing their nature a bowl of squirming poisonous maggots beneath a sour smile staring in could be the worst thing to do trying to fight back/not fight back FIGHTING

Chymistrie: (or Armour) Kick in aeternities of sheer terror computers and software and ecstacy the world peeled back to reveal a swooping beautiful bird of prey ripping the soul apart. Massive clouds speak the horribly beautiful voice of God reconstructing the real priorities a process a swelling soothing balance the forces revealed as tiny mites burrowing beneath the skin not titans they have no power your mother is dead and nothing can touch you in the final stages of adulthood.

Cloesing: The Sun returns and Prior ties shift changed forever weary and wary for a fray, let them destroy themselves with their own character flaws. change does not change death advises to dream more thouroughly live less seriously.

Produced performed and recorded by Datura 1.0

Instrumentation: Six string baritone electric guitar, electric guitar effects, circuit bent toys, and computers performed and recorded in real time, edited for length and placement (Oepening and Cloesing were once one thing)

Datura 1.0 uses and endorses Dreaming.

"beware of one-eyed kangaroos" (graffiti found in factory restroom stall)

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