S u s t a i n - collaborative drone performance

A collaborative drone performance utilizing all manner of instrumentation, from brass and strings to found objects and electronics, for three continuous hours. Original films by Bryce Beverlin II and Mike Hallenbeck.


Chris Bates
Bryce Beverlin II
Jon Davis
Casey Deming
James Gaynor
Ben Glaros
Tim Glenn
Mike Hallenbeck
Cordell Klier
Patrick Lien
Paul Metzger
Sam Morrison
Tony Newes
Nathan Phillips
Samsa (Nathan Larson)
Edward Schneider
Davu Seru
Mary Springer
Patrick Voller

Acadia Cafe - 1931 Nicollet Avenue South - Minneapolis, MN

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S u s t a i n (excerpt) (20.6 MB)

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S u s t a i n

Tuesday February 7th, 2006
Acadia Cafe