Formication - Live at The Orange Tree

At 10.30 19th January 2006 Formication took control of the stage at The Orange Tree in Nottingham, UK. What followed was 71 minutes of deliciously skewed versions of the following studio tracks:

Intro - extract from Derek Jarman's "Blue".

'The Final Stage of Trauma' - restructured from the 'Pieces For A Condemned Piano' project.

'Crossing the Sea by Radio'- a shattered digital interpolation of the original transmission.

'Staph Haven (redux)' - a radical reworking of the original, barely recogniseable.

'On the Dying Pathway' - also reinterpreted from 'Pieces For A Condemned Piano'.

'When the Patient Stars Breathe' - a previously unheard 16 minute piece in 3 parts.

The Orange Tree - 38 Shakespeare Street - Nottingham, U.K.

Download Songs:

Formication - "The Final Stage of Trauma" - Live (12.4 MB)
Formication - "On the Dying Pathway" - Live (10.2 MB)

Download the rest of the perfomance

Formicaton - Orange Tree Live

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FormicatIon - Live at The Orange Tree

Thursday, January 19, 2006
The Orange Tree