dw039 - Datura 1.0 vs! Slutmachine - Alien Cranial Vivisection

Ikecht - Songsoverruins (c) 2007
Datura 1.0 and Slutmachine (what's in a name...) are both no unknown names on the .net label Dark Winter. On this album we find tracks of both acts separately and remixing one another. Alien Cranial Vivisection is being presented in a lovely unclear manner (a surrealistic story about crashed spaceships in 1897 and the use of bicycle seats in making the music), with a sixties sci-fi retro cover (mark the font).

The music? Four tracks of droning noise / power electronics (especially Slutmachine is going in that direction) that work nicely. The last track is where things start getting really interesting as far as I'm concerned, with a Slutmachine remix slowly developing from a wall of static noise into something altogether more rhythmical. Despite lasting for eight minutes it begs for more. Worth the effort.

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