dw013 - Cordell Klier - Kingdom

Igloo Magazine - Bitflashing :: Vol. 3 - Mark Teppo (c) 2005
Cordell Klier has been quietly punching out ambient excursions as series of CDRs -- soundscapes meant for different rooms in the house and ambient washes of sound that recreate an outdoor space. For Dark Winter, he offers up "Kingdom," a lengthy drone track that begins with a quiet hiss and gradually -- slowly -- ramps up to a dark ambient hum of machinery. Nothing much occurs for the next fourteen minutes and it is only in the last two minutes that tiny shards of sound begin to percolate into the mix. A woman's voice begins whispering as the machine drone becomes more insistent. A one-note introduction to Klier's work, "Kingdom" drones on too long, offering an opportunity to hear the subtlety of Klier's ambience but failing to spark much more than transitory interest.

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