dw011 - Archive - Music in Black and White

Matt Cisler (c) 2005
In the slow fire of archive's alchemical sonic microscope the source material is lovingly obliterated and replaced by weird metaphysical gold.

Are you hearing water splashing against a boat dock in high summer or the minute cacklings and scrapings of strange insects and their stranger communications? Not knowing, one's mind begins to conjure unusual and dream-like images to go along with these mysterious soundscapes.

A busy bike shop mutates into a nightmarish low frequency drone like coming on to a very bad acid trip, peeling away the normal to reveal an unsuspected land of grotesqueries.And the act of clucking one's tongue seemingly becomes as complex as singing an Aria. But my favorite track here is the "demix" of Fadladder, it's like archive has enabled us to hear all angles of a song in the same way as the cubists attempted to show all sides of an object on a single plane. All these tracks show an artist in love with listening to the world and invite us to join in and explore, you never know what you might find.

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