dw087 - Somnarium - Voices In The Dust

This album commenced "life" as a lengthy drone release, the focus being on murky and shadowy vista's that cycle in and out of existence. Segments were subsequently extracted and mutated prior to additional focused tinctures being added to create a nuanced and storied narrative. This album must be absorbed in total darkness to ensure that all elemental layers are observed and that the listener reaches appropriate environmental fusion. Created throughout Winter and Spring of 2012 by Australian ambient musician Michael Meara.

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dw087 - Somnarium - Voices In The Dust (137 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 - Part I – Temple of Bone (29.7 MB)
Track 02 - Part II – Congregation (12.2 MB)
Track 03 - Part III – Sunken Operetta (19.5 MB)
Track 04 - Part IV – Known by the Shadow Cast (24.5 MB)
Track 05 - Part V – Gilded Fugue State (26.1 MB)
Track 06 - Part VI – Wreath (35.2 MB)
Track 07 - Part VII – A Fabric That Stings (22.2 MB)

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