dw033 - Horchata - Heterocera

These ambient songs were developed over the period of 2003 - 2006. A few started off as a spoken word project, where I later scrapped the vocals and some were beat oriented tracks where I later removed the beats and added more drones and texture through field recordings. In regard to synthesized sounds, all songs used a combination of soft synths and samples from my modular synthesizer. Field recordings were highly modified through the use of MATLAB code. Completion of all the songs was done under the concept of Heterocera, the common naming of moths, during the spring and summer of 2006. Having worked in the ecological sciences and often being outdoors at night, I have been fascinated by the diversity of moths, their nocturnal habits, and their inherent beauty.

Download Full Album:

dw033 - Horchata - Heterocera (73.5 MB)

Download Songs:

Track 01 - Scale* (7.33 MB)
Track 02 - Noctural (11.4 MB)
Track 03 - Stemmata* (13.8 MB)
Track 04 - Chrysalis (6.89 MB)
Track 05 - Perching (12.0 MB)
Track 06 - Venation* (14.9 MB)
Track 07 - Ditrysia (7.94 MB)

Download High Resolution Artwork:

dw033 - Horchata - Heterocera (2.35 MB)

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